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  • AleshaDixon

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  • KeiraKnightley

  • EmmanuelleSeigner

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  • BecCartwright

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  • Indra

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  • Tag: Hightech

    Apple now sharing full replays of Beats 1 shows on Apple Music Connect


    Apple this week appears to have started uploading full “replays” of Beats 1 shows to its Connect social network. Apple Music hosts including Zane Lowe, Julie Adenuga, and Ebro Darden have all shared full, unedited replays of their shows on their respective Connect pages over the past two days.

    This process appears to have started yesterday, without any official announcement by Apple. Prior to uploading full replays, each host would share a playlist with every song that was played during their show. Interviews were also often made available after the fact, as was Zane Lowe's daily “World Record.” In other cases, however, shows hosted by talent such as Pharrell and Joshua Homme have been uploaded to Apple Music Connect in full following their airing since the beginning.

    Replays have long been a called for addition to Apple Music's Connect social network, so it's nice to see that Apple is listening and paying attention to requests from users. It's odd that, with Lowe, Adenuga, and Darden being the three flagship hosts on Beats 1, replays weren't previously available, but it's likely that Apple saw the playlists as an adequate replacement. Replays of shows hosted by other Beats 1 personalities like Travis Mills and Brooke Reese are not available yet, however.

    You can listen to replays for Beats 1 shows on Apple Music Connect now.

    Thanks Christian!

    Filed under: Apple Music Tagged: Apple Music, Beats 1, Ebro, Julie Adenuga, Pharrell Williams, zane lowe

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  • Tag: Cars

    Mercedes S-Class Tuned by Ares Design Comes in Normal and XXL Sizes – Photo Gallery

    We're back with to discuss another tuning project from the tuning company we recently discovered, Ares Design/Performance. Based in Italy and founded by former Lotus boss Dany Bahar, this firm wants to offer a higher level of class and individuality than all the other firms in the business. After that awesome (continue reading >>)
  • Tag: Cars

    2016 Mercedes C450 AMG 4Matic Sedan Finally Arrives in the US from $50,800

    The 2016 model year brings an exciting new rocket to the Mercedes C-Class range. MB USA just announced the mental C450 AMG 4Matic sedan will be available for order pretty soon, targeting a much broader audience of performance junkies than the C63 could by itself. The C450 AMG is Mercedes' answer to the Audi S4 sedan and S5 four-door coupe. It features a newly developed twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine that develops 362 hp and 384 lb-ft... (continue reading >>)
  • Tag: Cars

    Killer Scion FR-S with TRD Kit Gets Bronze Vossen Wheels – Photo Gallery

    You don't need anything more than four cylinders!? Yeah right, Scion. At least give us a WRX engine or something! But try as we might to hate the FR-S, there's something exotic about owning a real import. It's not like one of those Hondas built in Alabama; this thing is made in the heart of Japan by a team of crafty ninjas from Subaru. As you may have figured out already, we aren't dealing wi... (continue reading >>)
  • Tag: Cars

    British Army Use Tiny UAV the Size of a Toy with Night Vision Capabilities – Video

    Since 2014, the British Army has been using something called the Black Hornet Nano. It's not a killing machine, but a tiny UAV helicopter that can be deployed to scout enemy locations. Scouting and gathering information have always been a crucial part of any war. It's for this mission that the first true aircraft were developed during World War I. But drones were originally developed by the US army for recon missions. So what... (continue reading >>)
  • Tag: Hightech

    Twitter begins rolling out landscape support to iPhone 6 Plus users

    In yet another staggered feature rollout, Twitter has begun enabling full landscape support for its iOS app on the iPhone 6 Plus. Like with many of Apple's bundled applications, Twitter app users on the larger, 5.5-inch iPhone can navigate their Timelines, Tweet, and Direct Message in landscape mode…


    This mode allows users to view past message threads while replying to a current thread for example. However, especially in the Timeline view, the application does not take full advantage of the extra space in landscape mode. As this landscape view has not been enabled for all users, it is possible that Twitter will tweak and improve the feature before it debuts it for everyone.


    While the feature appears to be working for a couple of 9to5Mac staff members with the iPhone 6 Plus, it is not functional on any standard iPhone 6 models running the Twitter app. Twitter typically slowly rolls out features, such as the upcoming “Project Lightning” news curation service that will launch as “Moments.”

    Filed under: Apps Tagged: direct messages, iphone 6 plus, landscape, social, social media, Twitter

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  • Tag: Cars

    HEMI Cuda Gets Stunning LeMans Makeover with Porsche 935K Rear End

    The HEMI Cuda is such a cool car, kids name themselves after it on forums before they ever get to see one. It's named after a vicious fish with sharp teeth and looks the part too. But it hasn't been made since 1974, and some people don't even remember what a Plymouth is (brand discontinued in 2001). That a little over four decades of neglect. It makes you wonder what would have happened if the Barracuda were made by another... (continue reading >>)
  • Tag: Cars

    2016 Mercedes GLC Launched in the US With $38,950 Starting Price and 2-Liter Turbo

    If you want a luxury small SUV for under $40,000, look no further than the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. They've just announced that the GLK's replacement will arrive in November 2015, available as the GLC300 and GLC300 4MATIC. "What is the GLC?" we hear you ask. Good question! According to the new Mercedes naming system, the GLC is the SUV equivalent of the C-Class. They put the GL at the beginning to remind y... (continue reading >>)
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    Nicole Scherzinger, 20 images

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    Karla Edecan, 3 movies