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  • Melanie Brown busty boating bikini candids
    “Every ship has it’s own personality, the tricks it does, the foibles it has.” That’s why this former “Spice Girl” and “X-Factor” judge, Melanie Brown or popularly known as Mel B finds her speedboat the best place to relax and do sunbathing. Catch her feeling the breeze of cool air underneath the sun while sporting [...]
  • Kim Kardashian Forgot Her Panties
    Paparazzi Stalkers bring us these burning hot candid snaps of Kim Kardashian while flaunting her cleavage and pantyless ass for all you pervs to enjoy! Just look at Kim Kardashian’s cleavage in that black downblouse, it really looks like those epic knockers of hers is causing our favorite skanky celeb some pain. She’s looking very foxy [...]
  • Lindsay Lohan Busty Bikini Candids In Malibu
    Here are some boobylicious images of Lindsay Lohan while she’s out on a run looking tasty chilling by the beach. She’s wearing a kinky black lingerie paired with a mini short and her little freckled up physique is looking totally foxy, with her delightful romps bouncing crazily while soaking up a bit of sun.I love [...]
  • Olga Kurylenko in a sexy red bikini in Miami
    For this week on Paparazzi Stalkers, the celebrity hunters caught the smoking hot beauty Olga Kurylenko with her dirty old man of a boyfriend. They were in Miami and the Bond girl wowed the beach scene with her super sexy red bikini ensemble. These photos of Olga Kurylenko showed the beautiful celeb enjoying the beach, [...]
  • Big busted Sofia Vergara Candid Shots
    No words can truly describe how damn sensuous the next celeb chick featured on this week’s edition Paparazzi Stalkers. Lads and gals, I bring you some candid snapshots of the hottest Hispanic momma on TV today, Sofia Vergara! One main reason that Modern Family is banging on top of the popular sitcom list, aside from [...]
  • Katie Perry Whores Out Her Big Cleavage In Singapore
    Here are some booby images of Katie Perry for this week’s edition of Paparazzi Stalkers. The cam whoring brunette pop star was out and about… in Singapore. Talk about internation jet setter. Apparently, the American singer is a mammoth thing in this small Asian island nation. Why was Katie Perry in that part of the [...]
  • TV Celeb Aida Yespica From Venezuela Wearing In G-Strings And Thongs
    Check out this week’s beautiful edition of Paparazzi Stalkers, presenting a TV celeb hottie from Venezuela! These burning hot photos of Aida Yespica in a taught swimsuit will certainly give us a burning hot international flavor to sizzle up our week! This booby Latina TV celebrity is proudly flaunting her perfect body at the beach, [...]
  • Cindy Crawford Practicing Her Blow Job Lips On A Sundae
    It may be the last days of summer but the heat level is still sizzling hot inside Paparazzi Stalkers! So hot it can be compared to sugary sweet sundae cone melting around a pretty babe’s sultry lips! Which is just what super model and acknowledged MILF celeb Cindy Crawford is doing in these hot candid [...]
  • Alessandra Ambrosio Shamlessly Whoring Out Her Legs In Santa Monica
    We’ve seen a lot of celebrity sigthings over the week, but for the first week of September, one of the sexiest celeb photos that Paparazzi Stalkers gathered are these leggy pics of celeb chick Alessandra Ambrosio! It’s not as skanky as an upskirt, sideboobs, nipple slip or cameltoe celebrity candids, but Alessandra Ambrosio’s skimpy skirt [...]
  • Kim Kardashian Shamleslly Flaunts Her Tits And Ass
    You’d have to give it to reality TV celeb cam whore Kim Kardashian for not caring if people take pictures of her world famous tits and ass. No chick can act and look as classy as this celebrity gal knowing that every single day, somewhere, someone is wanking off to her hot fine body, big [...]
  • Doutzen Kroes Looks Ridiculously Hot In A Tiny Two Piece
    There should be a blog that only showcases fashion celeb Doutzen Kroes while sporting micro bikinis. Seriously, this Victoria Secret model is always getting caught out in public while covering her boobs and slit with the smallest possible bikini you can ever lay your eyes on. Here’s a couple of Doutzen Kroes super skimpy bikini [...]
  • Karmen Pedaru Extending Those Creamy Long Legs While In New York
    Paparazistalkers nabbed a couple of candid pics of model Karmen Pedaru while taking a ciggie break during her New York fashion shoot. I don’t know how demanding a fashion pictorial can get, but basing on this Estonian beauty’s snugged facial emotion, stretched legs and half smoked cigarettes… it might be tougher than we all think. [...]
  • JWoww’s Butt Need To Get Out Of Those Tight Pants
    From the time Jersey Shore aired and made tv a little bit dumber, the web gossip industry has been focusing on JWoww’s large bouncing cans. JWoww’s delectable melons are the two top things that makes her MTV reality tv series endurable to watch. MTV network exec should give thanks to all those sexy snapshots of [...]
  • Whitney Port flaunts her bikini
    Popularly known from MTV’s series The Hills, Whitney Port has been among our sexual fantasies ever since. Now we got a chance to catch her right off the Miami beach and managed to have in hand these awesome Whitney Port swimsuit pics. Her swimsuit is just so fine you could almost spot a cameltoe underneath [...]
  • Dakota Fanning is luminous along West Hollywood
    Don’t worry guys…this ain’t no jailbait. The former child star is now officially of legal age (she’s 18 now) and we can now screw her legally (in our imagination that is). We’ve spotted Dakota Fanning taking a walk along West Hollywood wearing a nice little black dress. The vampirish-ly luminous skin of Dakota Fanning leaves [...]
  • Ashley Tisdale shows daytime cleavage
    Sexy Celeb Babe Ashely Tisdale was seen strutting around town in a sweet pair of short shorts and showing off those Sexy Long Legs. Not to forget, some Ashley Tisdale cleavage. Ashley Tisdale is one of the sexiest actresses of the last few years and I personally can’t wait until this babe starts to [...]
  • Gretchen Rossi hosts a party wearing sexy bikini
    Here’s yet another set of Gretchen Rossi bikini pictures for you guys. I know most of you have probably never heard of her. She’s one of those attention seeking housewife women. Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi clearly decided she would take the opportunity to show it off to the maximum. The 34-year-old [...]
  • Sofia Vergara almost nip slip and upskirt
    This Colombian bombshell has got hundreds of horny guys chasing after her since Chasing Papi. We can’t blame them…after all, what’s not to chase with Sofia Sofia Vergara’s sexy body? Our resident paparazzi caught Sofia Vergara in a red carpet event wearing a lovely red dress complementing every curves including her titties and booty. Sofia Vergara [...]
  • Emma Watson’s tasty nipslip pictures
    Ever since Emma Watson pitched tent in the US for college, she’s been on the paparazzi’s radar more and more often. Which also means the chances we’ll see this lovely Brit in compromising situations is a lot higher than it ever was. So we owe these nipslip pictures of Emma Watson to our highly-skilled paparazzi [...]
  • Maria Menounos’ pussy exposed at the beach
    Greek-American actress and television personality Maria Menounos is known in America for her appearances as a correspondent for Today and Access Hollywood, but pretty soon she’ll be known for having her pussy exposed while frolickining at the beach. Thank goodness our trusty paparazzi guy was at the right spot at the right time took out [...]
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