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  • Milla Jovovich in Bikini at Poolside

    Milla Jovovich – Bikini at Poolside

    Milla Jovovich – Bikini at Poolside Milla-Jovovich-in-Bikini-501 Milla-Jovovich-in-Bikini-502 Milla-Jovovich-in-Bikini-503 Milla-Jovovich-in-Bikini-504 Milla-Jovovich-in-Bikini-505 Milla-Jovovich-in-Bikini-506 Milla-Jovovich-in-Bikini-507 Milla-Jovovich-in-Bikini-508 Milla-Jovovich-in-Bikini-509 Milla-Jovovich-in-Bikini-510

  • Irina Shayk by Txema Yeste for Numero – May 2016

    Irina Shayk – Txema Yeste for Numero – May 2016

    Irina Shayk – Txema Yeste for Numero – May 2016 Irina-Shayk-Numero-May-2016-1 Irina-Shayk-Numero-May-2016-2 Irina-Shayk-Numero-May-2016-3 Irina-Shayk-Numero-May-2016-4 Irina-Shayk-Numero-May-2016-5 Irina-Shayk-Numero-May-2016-6 Irina-Shayk-Numero-May-2016-7

  • Charlotte McKinney in Ripped Jeans in Malibu

    Charlotte McKinney – Ripped Jeans out in Malibu

    Charlotte McKinney – Ripped Jeans out in Malibu Charlotte-McKinney-in-Ripped-Jeans-1 Charlotte-McKinney-in-Ripped-Jeans-2 Charlotte-McKinney-in-Ripped-Jeans-3 Charlotte-McKinney-in-Ripped-Jeans-4 Charlotte-McKinney-in-Ripped-Jeans-5 Charlotte-McKinney-in-Ripped-Jeans-6 Charlotte-McKinney-in-Ripped-Jeans-7

  • Did Johnny Depp Really Hit Amber Heard With An iPhone? Maybe?

    Now that the dust has settled, let's piece together what the hell happened with this Johnny Depp allegedly hitting Amber Heard with an iPhone business.
  • Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    Charlotte McKinney is here in your time of need.
  • Johnny Depp: ‘I Was Married?’

    Johnny Depp issued a statement on his divorce and yeesh.
  • Megan Fox Will Do Anything For Money

    Megan Fox makes commercials for mobile games now.
  • Kim & Kanye Are Suing The Bodyguard Who Said All That Stuff

    Kim and Kanye are suing that bodyguard for telling the 100% absolute truth about them. Probably.
  • Good Morning, Claudia Romani Bikini Photos, And Other News

    Rob Lowe is probably replacing Michael Strahan. [Lainey Gossip] Robin Wright loves watching Sean Penn get shitty reviews. [Dlisted] Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce because she wants kids. [TMZ] Nick Denton wrote an open letter to Peter Thiel. [Newser] Your morning links. …
  • The 6 Most Exquisite Royal Jewels Kate Middleton Has Worn So Far

    The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her perfectly crafted sense of style, and that extends to her glittering accessories. A decade ago, Kate Middleton wasn't really one for major sparkle. But access to Queen Elizabeth II's jewelry vault could turn any woman into a bling-lover. Kate has been lucky to wear heritage pieces either as loans or as gifts, including her diamond-encrusted Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II badge.

    We've tracked down the history of all the special pieces that Kate has added to her wardrobe. From diamond-encrusted brooches with deep meanings to tricky tiaras, here's a look at the many diamonds Kate's worn - so far.

    - Additional reporting by Allie Merriam