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  • Laly Meignan

  • Emily Shaw

  • Jennifer Lopez

  • Rihanna

  • Pamela Anderson

  • Sharon Stone

  • Shania Twain

  • Halle Berry

  • Mariah Carey

  • Kelly Hu

  • Sandra Bullock

  • Nina Agdal

  • Britney Spears

  • Clara Morgane

  • Christina Aguilera

  • Jennifer Aniston

  • Rosario Dawson

  • Jessica Alba

  • Alyssa Milano

  • Christina Applegate

  • Kelly Brook

  • Shauna Sand

  • Sam Heuston

  • Marina Fois

  • Nabilla Benattia

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  • FlorenceGeanty

  • MicaelaSchaefer

  • DanielleNicholls

  • ElisabethHurley

  • FlavieFlament

  • BaiLing

  • ClaireDanes

  • Aaliyah

  • MariahCarey

  • MarieChevalier

  • NadeeaVolianova

  • JenniferLawrence

  • KaleyCuoco

  • Sabrina

  • JenniferLoveHewitt

  • PaulaAbdul

  • AdrianaLima

  • MichelleTrachtenberg

  • SophiaLoren

  • AngelaRipon

  • JoannaLumley

  • JeniferBenitez

  • SelenaGomez

  • NabillaBenattia

  • RubyStarr

  • ClaraMorgane

  • AleshaDixon

  • TamzinOuthwaite

  • IndiraWeis

  • TaraPalmerTomkinson

  • ScarlettJohansson

  • ParisHilton

  • AmandaHolden

  • JenniferGarner

  • ClementineCelarie

  • Leia

  • MonicaCruz

  • DavinaMcCall

  • AliceEve

  • Gellar

  • MichelleRodriguez

  • CassieScerbo

  • JenniferLopez

  • JessicaAlba

  • SerenaWilliams

  • SarahJessicaParker

  • JessicaSimpson

  • MarilynMonroe

  • ShirleyManson

  • ScarletteJohanson

  • CatherineZetaJones

  • Indra

  • EmmaDeCaunes

  • EmmanuelleSeigner

  • Lio

  • KeiraKnightley

  • BecCartwright

  • FrederiqueBel

  • TaraPalmerTomkimson

  • CamillaSjoberg

  • ZoeCross

  • WendyOrleansWilliams

  • GuynethPaltrow

  • DebbieReynolds

  • Rihanna

  • LauraChiatti

  • CindyTaylor

  • ToviloDavorka

  • TiffanyAmberTheissen

  • ClaireForlani

  • ClotildeCoureau

  • LaurenPope

  • PamalaNewhart

  • ElizaDushku

  • DaisyLowe

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  • ChristinaApplegate

  • AliciaWitt

  • CarlaBruni

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    Diane Lane, 8 images

  • Tag: Hightech

    Apple reportedly not hitting its ‘break-even’ mark of 2m Apple Watch units per month

    Specific sales of Apple Watch have been a mystery since the device's launch back in April, with several analysts offering up their own respective estimates on numbers. Now, Taiwan's Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. has hinted at sales of the device. ASE, for those unfamiliar, is responsible for putting all of the internal parts of Apple Watch into a case through a process known as system-in-package (via WSJ). The company, however, claims that Apple Watch sales are not as high as expected…

    Mark Li, a Bernstein Research analyst, said recently that an ASE subsidiary told investors that the company did not hit its “break-even volume” of two million Apple Watch units per month in the second quarter of 2015. Furthermore, ASE does not expect to reach the two million per month number during the third quarter either, which is unusual seeing that it's the quarter leading up to the popular holiday shopping season.

    ASE now expects that it won't hit its target of shipping 18 million units in 2015. Earlier this month during Apple's earnings call, Tim Cook hinted that Apple Watch revenue was higher than $1 billion, which would lead to sales higher than 3 million units for the quarter.

    “The shortfall of Apple Watch is a disappointment,” Mr. Li wrote in a note to clients. “We came in with a low expectation but below break-even still surprised us.”

    It's interesting to hear Apple and Tim Cook repeatedly claim that Apple Watch was beating expectations during its first full quarter of availability, with ASE claiming that sales have been less than expected. With Apple claiming it doesn't want to report specific sales numbers for competitive reasons, it's unlikely that we'll get any confirmation anytime soon.

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  • Tag: Hightech

    Report: Why Apple’s electric car negotiations w/ BMW stalled, could potentially resume

    BMW i3-Apple

    News first surfaced earlier this year that Apple and BMW had engaged in negotiations over the possibility of the Cupertino company using components from the carmaker for its own electric vehicle project. The negotiations reportedly fell through following a visit by Tim Cook and other Apple execs to BMW in Germany, but a report from Reuters today adds that talks between the two companies “may be revived at a later stage.”

    The report also shares some more insight into Cook's visit to BMW, noting that talks have stalled due to Apple wanting to “explore developing a passenger car on its own”:

    The dialogue ended without conclusion because Apple appears to want to explore developing a passenger car on its own, one of the sources said… Also, BMW is being cautious about sharing its manufacturing know-how because it wants to avoid becoming a mere supplier to a software or internet giant… During the visit, Apple executives asked BMW board members detailed questions about tooling and production and BMW executives signaled readiness to license parts, one of the sources said.

    According to the original report last week from German publication Manager Magazin, Apple is interested in the body of BMW's i3 electric car, a generally well-received vehicle that gets about 80 miles on a charge and has an optional petrol-based range extender which can add a few gallons worth of range to the vehicle for longer trips.

    Today's report from Reuters notes that BMW says it's not currently in negotiations with Apple regarding developing a vehicle. However it adds the following comment from a “senior BMW source” that noted Apple was impressed with the i3 during its visit: “Apple executives were impressed with the fact that we abandoned traditional approaches to car making and started afresh. It chimed with the way they do things too.”

    Details of Apple's electric car project was first reported early this year with hundreds of employees reportedly working on the project after an approval from Tim Cook a year prior. Shortly after, we revealed Apple's key team members and new hires from the automotive industry currently working on the project.

    We cover the electric car and green energy industry on

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    Is Apple’s bold stance on encryption setting the company up for civil suits?

    Apple's strong support of user privacy — specifically including end-to-end encryption uncrackable by the government — could be setting the company up for civil suits based on the Antiterrorism Act and other laws, a legal blog has noted in a series of controversial posts. Writing for Lawfare, Benjamin Wittes and Zoe Bedell penned a two-part article suggesting that Apple's encryption practices could, under specific circumstances, be found by a court to have “violated the criminal prohibition against material support for terrorism.” Apple could then be held responsible for foreseeable resulting damages to victims. As Wittes and Bedell concede, the article has provoked strong reactions from privacy advocates, decrying its conclusions.

    Particular trouble would arise if Apple was served with either a Title III or FISA warrant to access encrypted communications, Wittes and Bedell claim. If so, the company would be on notice that an individual under investigation for national security reasons was using Apple technology to further his aims, and if Apple refused to comply with the warrant, it would be showing indifference to the risk that it was assisting a terrorist. That indifference could make Apple liable for civil damages resulting from “any act of international terrorism” committed by the suspect.

    Wittes and Bedell say that they “are not endorsing any of these theories either for adoption by the courts or for congressional imposition,” but mention that “Apple has leaned very far forward in the marketing of its encryption,” and “positively boasts about being law enforcement-proof.” While they note that Apple would have numerous potential defenses if sued either for negligence or violation of the Antiterrorism Act, they also suggest that Apple's bold encryption policies are creating new risks that society needs to consider, and Congress may need to regulate.

    Filed under: AAPL Company Tagged: Apple, legal, privacy, Security

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    Frida Aasen Takes On Guess Denim for Editorial in Twelv Magazine

    Norwegian model Frida Aasen turns up the heat for one sexy editorial featured in the latest issue of Twelv Magazine. Photographed by Kelichriro Nakajima, the blonde beauty wears all looks from Guess including denim and casual tees styled by Hissa Igarashi. Frida is a pure bombshell as she flaunts her svelte figure in the brand's […]

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    Hoang Thuy Linh, 3 movies

  • Tag: Celebrities

    Christina Milian awesome ass, 20 images

  • Tag: Celebrities

    Anne Heche nude, 15 images

  • Tag: Celebrities

    Angelina Jolie nude, 16 images

  • Tag: Celebrities

    Jessica Stam Sheer Bodysuit Treats

    Jessica Stam is one seriously hot professional sexy person. She definitely proves that in these pics where she wears a variety of bodysuits with various levels of cleavage from "OMG!" to "Holy crap!". Oh yes, there is sideboob to be had and plenty of it. Because when you wear a ...